My first tutorial video

Not much more to say that I don’t cover in the video.

Evolving chords using multiple time signatures.

Well, a few comments:

I was keen to explain the overall thing right at the start so those who didn’t want to watch 8 minutes could get the gist upfront.

I did maybe 8 takes and this is a straight run through with some slight edits to the audio.

I didn’t script the video, but I had a plan in mind.

I didn’t even mention the software being used, but I figured it was about a writing technique, not about the specific tools used to achieve it.

The track I’m talking through here is Escalators, Violins off Quiet, and in this take I didn’t bother to mention that the title is pretty prosaic – the track has a squeaky escalator sample and violins in it – but also was me resisting going all in on an “escalating violence” pun.

The other track I mention near the end that uses similar techniques, but with multiple MIDI parts pointed at a mono synth, is Phase off Everything Happens, For Some Reason.