Bitwig challenge: modulators and oscillators

I use software called Bitwig for writing music and I came across this modulators and oscillators challenge. I’ve written a bit of music following the tight rules on that page and made a wee video. They call it a “beat battle”, but that seems kinda hilarious given the rules involved.

The video and the music might be of interest even if you don’t use Bitwig and even if you don’t make music. I dunno.

The rules, from the page I linked to in the first paragraph, are:

  • max one bitwig instrument track
  • one note clip with max 8 bar length
  • 120bpm
  • one instrument of your choice
  • max 20 modulators
  • max 10 effect devices
  • operators are allowed & desired
  • unlimited note effects
  • no 3rd party plugins
  • bitwig 4.3 beta allowed
  • selectors/layers allowed but you’re limited to one instrument
  • no grid
  • submit as *.bwclip