Weekly MP3 #205: Teebs - Verbena Tea with Rebekah Raff

Promo pic of Teebs 

"Lush" would be my one-word summary. "Lush chords with live harp playing over a hip-hop beat" would be the 10-word version. From a Prefix Mag article, but you can listen and download below.

Weekly MP3 #204: Cubenx - Adrift At Sea

Promo pic of Cubenx

Spaced out techno / dub / whatever those Mexicans produce surprising amount of, which you can download from XLR8R

Weekly MP3 #203: Sweaters - Foxy

Sweaters promo pic

Fun Barry White-ish beat on Sweaters' Soundcloud page since about this time last year...

Weekly MP3 #202: The Townhouses - Indian Elephant

Promo pic of The Townhouses

A wordless, gentle sing-along, on a free EP uploaded on The Townhouses' Bandcamp page last February.

Weekly MP3 #201: Boxcutter - Waiting for the Lights

Boxcutter promo pic

Lovely digidub track, available via another decent enough Adult Swim compilation that starts playing as soon you open the link. (This track is one of the two highlights, IMO, although if you're into UK bass stuff more than I am you'll probably like a lot of it - Ikonika, Cooly G, SBTRKT, Zomby, et al.  The other one I liked is Dauwd's 'Ikopol')

Weekly MP3 #200: Miso-Shiru - Gush

Miso-Shiru image

The audio version of an animal print t-shirt, free for you to download at Miso-Shiru's Soundcloud page or below...

Weekly MP3 #199: Little Dragon - Blinking Pigs

Little Dragon promo pic

Lovely laidback pop song with the vocalist from SBTRKT's 'Wildfire', up at RCRDLBL.

Weekly MP3 #198: John Hughes - Confluence

Promo pic for John Hughes

Son of the director with a moody instrumental you can get from LA radio show DUBLAB. You can listen first at their site.

A steady bounce of a beat with sleigh bells and chimes gets roughed up with some distortion and keening vocals. Not too much changes, but it's only 2 minutes long and it just works well.

Weekly MP3 #197: Mei Saraswati - Trouble / Capable

Mei Saraswati playing live 

Listen or download from Mei's soundcloud page or below.

Weekly MP3 #196: Cut Copy - Where I'm Going

Cut Copy playing live

Cheery indie rock number with that glam rock/schaffel swing going on, this is up at Spinner among other places.  

Here's a video-less Youtube clip if you'd prefer to listen before downloading: