Jet Jaguar – Many Meters

Many Meters cover

Self-released. 14 June 2015. Discogs page.

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These tracks were an experiment in improvising with polymeter. I thought it’d be easier to deal with if there were no drums.What’s polymeter? Different elements in different meters but in the same tempo – or if you think in loops, all the loop lengths are different.

As an example, the bassline in ‘Tyrell…’ is made up of two phrases playing at the same damn time – the on beats play a progression that loops every 44 beats, while the off beats loop every 26 beats. The result is a bassline that only repeats every … 572 beats? Maybe.

The thing that kicked off these experiments was the invitation to play some kind of ambient experimental night at The Pyramid Club. These are fresh improvisations of my two favourite tracks from that night. Thanks heaps to John Heighes for the opportunity to try something new out in a live setting!

Cello plucks are from a free sample pack made by Tim Kahn.