Day + Night compilation

Day + Night album cover

Includes two exclusive Jet Jaguar tracks, Daytime Fireworks and The Other Night.

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The tracks are made from combining two field recordings. In my case I didn’t add any other sounds.

“LCRP” stands for Lines Community Remix Project. The theme of the compilation was making tracks that tried to balance one daytime recording and one nighttime recording.

Each recording we uploaded got paired with someone else’s, and then we had to make a track. I uploaded one daytime and one nighttime recording, so had to make two tracks. I was given recordings by Samarobyn to work with both times. Daytime Fireworks is my nighttime recording and her daytime one;  The Other Night is my daytime recording and her nighttime one.

Cathemarality by Szuumm and Greyland by dansimco are the other tracks that use my same recordings, if you want to check them out.