Montano – Subtitled

Subtitled CD

Self-released. 10 March 2012. Discogs page.

The project now known as Tonkyn Pearson. Our 2nd album, still using field recordings as the foundation for each track, but musically things have gone sparser, less beat-focused. And from time to time we eased up on the “every sound must come from a field recording” limitation we set ourselves in prepping the 1st album. Even some muffled loops from the theme to a 70s TV show theme on one track.

Recordings made in Australia, Japan and New Zealand.

Somehow, it took almost 6 years to pull together another set of material we were 100% happy with it. No drama.

Some CDRs are still available via the Bandcamp page.

Montano CDR front Montano CDR back Montano CDR opened out