I’m Michael Upton from Wellington, New Zealand. I’ve been releasing music as Jet Jaguar since 1996.

I’ve split music on here into releases and one-offs that I don’t think of as official releases. But in both categories you can normally listen and likely download something, so whatever…

I’ve included compilation appearances only if the tracks are exclusives.

The oldest music on here is a Jet Jaguar track, Seeper. It was on a compilation of Wellington music called Skankatronics.

Other projects I’ve been in, from latest to oldest, include:

  • Montano with Shanan Holm
  • Malty Media with Stuart McDonald
  • Dub Connection with Barnaby Weir, Bret McKenzie, Tim Jaray, Toby Laing, Lee Prebble, and Mike Fabulous
  • Datsun Stereo with Tarn McDonald, and
  • Patio with Bevan Smith.