What is nonwrestler.com?

This is Michael Upton's personal website.

It's mostly about my music.  I have several projects on the go - I write music and DJ as Jet Jaguar, and collaborate a fair bit. 

I also use this site for a blog about other stuff, mostly other people's music.

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Everything Time playlist 01/04/14
(1 April 2014)

Radio Active FM logoEverything Time.

Tuesday nights 9-11PM NZDT on Radio Active FM.

´╗┐This is my last scheduled show. I'll drop in to show my replacement the ropes, and maybe some day I'll be back, but I have no plans.

Stream the show or try 88.6FM if you're in Wellington.

Jet Jaguar - Five Production Mistakes Even Professionals Keep Making (They're Not What You Think)
(8 December 2013)

Lucky EP 6 of 6 for 2013, following on from October's 'Sounds'. Going out on a five-tracker...

Check out the entry in the discography for more information.

Listen / download from Bandcamp:

Touched - Music For Macmillan Cancer Support
(22 December 2013)


Touched Music

Release date:

December 2013


Heaps of music I liked in 2013
(30 December 2013)

I'm sure in the next 6 months I'll hear a bunch of great tunes that were released in 2013, but anyway... here's a loose list of some things I really enjoyed this year.

Oscar Key Sung - 'It's Coming' (Australia)

Probably the song I listened to most this year? I dunno if that's true, but. Slinky Australian R&B.

This was free on his Bandcamp, but got pulled a few months after release, so I guess it's been picked up by some label who doesn't like that approach.