What is nonwrestler.com?

This is Michael Upton's personal website.

It's mostly about my music.  I have several projects on the go - I write music and DJ as Jet Jaguar, and collaborate a fair bit. 

I also use this site for a blog about other stuff, mostly other people's music.

New Jet Jaguar remix of Clare Wieck
(21 October 2014)

 Hey gang, only me. I just did a remix for Clare, who sang (and wrote) the vocals for me on 'Will Fight' last year.

Clare Wieck promo pic

Have a listen to the remix:

Jet Jaguar - Hoops (free EP)
(21 July 2014)

Four track EP, released July 2014. Here it is on Bandcamp, you can download from there.

You can also stream it on Soundcloud. Sweet bix.

Jet Jaguar - Hoops
(21 July 2014)



Release date:

20 July 2014

Heaps of music I liked in 2013
(30 December 2013)

I'm sure in the next 6 months I'll hear a bunch of great tunes that were released in 2013, but anyway... here's a loose list of some things I really enjoyed this year.

Oscar Key Sung - 'It's Coming' (Australia)

Probably the song I listened to most this year? I dunno if that's true, but. Slinky Australian R&B.

This was free on his Bandcamp, but got pulled a few months after release, so I guess it's been picked up by some label who doesn't like that approach.